Mind Control

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OUT OF OUR MINDS: Charles Stone on Mind Control & MRU

Copyright 2009         All Rights Reserved      Charles W. Stone


MIND CONTROL and Our Most Important History!


Perhaps you have noticed that Hollywood has had a major run on intel and cyborg related films for many years going back to the Terminator to The Wolverine to The Men Who Stare at Goats  and much more. Perhaps we are all being prepared for the emergence of real life cyborgs and more!

Many years ago I was the Deputy Director to Dr. Carl Schleicher a former US Navy Intelligence Officer who was in many ways the Dr. Strangelove of several key fields. One authoritative book credits him as being the father of the cyborg. He was also the Johnny Apple seed of psychotronics and promoter of many topics to help save mankind from its follies! His unusual for profit /non profit group was a much smaller version of SRI on the east coast.

In fact, Dr. Schleicher and Dr. Eldon Byrd found a way to bypass the sensory organs to directly communicate with neurons in the brain. This has important implications for mind control of many types. Dr. Byrd was on the top scientists for the US Navy. Both are famous on the internet now.  I like to point out the coincidence of Silver Spring, the last home of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) and several US Navy Commanders of varying fame:

Commander L. Ron Hubbard was a decorated Naval Intelligence Officer in WWII who reported to Admiral Bull Halsey. He is of course world famous! I have photo of him in Silver Spring after WW II in uniform. Dr. Carl Schleicher was a US Naval Academy graduate and Naval Intelligence Officer. One of my personal friends was also a top scientist at the NNMC in nearby Bethesda. All three had different roles at different times. As a joke for my friend, I coined the phrase, the Silver Spring Three! Let me point out a few more examples of the importance of mind control and some important examples!


Of course it has existed for all of known history in some form. In ancient times the ruler and priest classes brought effective control to societies in many ways. Much more recently advances in electronics and high tech have made it much more capable and potentially at least universal. A key force for this came through the MK Ultra program after WW II responsible for many of the CIA’s worst abuses. Some of these are on-going! MK Ultra itself can be traced to the London based Tavistock Institute and Clinic which at one time was an MI 6 Agency.


During WW II it is well known for its study of Rudolf Hess, the Nazi Deputy Fuhrer, who flew to the UK to meet with a member of the Royal Family.  After having his mind taken apart and then reassembled he was held as the last Allied POW for decades after WW II in Spandau Prison in Berlin. He is the modern day Man in the Tower! There are many questions about his incarceration and even real identity!


Tavistock can trace its origin in part to the huge British mining interests in southern Africa in gold, diamonds and much more. This is associated with Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Round Table. We all know about the famous Rhodes Scholars including President Bill Clinton. These interests consolidated worldwide as the British Empire was dissolved to be concentrated in the London Financial District, perhaps the most powerful square mile in the world. Prior to the WW II era these interests helped revive Germany from the onerous conditions imposed after WW I practically setting the stage for WW II. It is not clear if the competing power groups went too far or if the intent was to play off Germany and Russia plus eliminate troublesome groups like the Gypsies and Jews, liberals and those deemed less fit under the guise of eugenics. The result was a massive worldwide conflict.


WW I itself started as the absolute control of European monarchs collapsed starting with the Austro-Hungarian Empire this led to a war of senseless and even insane sacrifice of the most able from all classes of life for the major combatants. For example Germany, France and the UK each lost close to 10% of their population in the killing fields of France, Belgium and beyond. The British Empire was critically damaged. Its professional class has not recovered from the slaughter of the trenches. This led to the onerous conditions imposed on Germany after WW I> With a badly crippled economy and insane levels of inflation the weak Weimar Republic was doomed. Both the National Socialist (Nazi) and Communist ideologies fought for control of Germany. Eventually the Nazi’s won in 1933.


There is evidence that both power groups were supported by the London based financial powers associated with Tavistock. It is believed that both Hitler and Lenin received special training. These highly profitable mining and industrial interests created a special class of white slavery which has been mostly obscured by history and education groups in the UK and worldwide. As late as the 1860’s, British coal miners for example were virtual slaves with a childhood mortality rate higher than Africa today. Births and deaths were only registered in the Church of England Parish Bible not in the local records. The modern union started at that time in northern England. Eventually the union became Marxist and too powerful ruining the country. As the rising population began to threaten the ruling classes many were sent to the former colonies in North America,  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. By the time of WW I the continuing threat of the emerging middle and professional classes in the UK and other European countries led to their insane sacrifice in the killing fields of WW I. The almost 10% sacrificed included the most able and intelligent.


The 1920’s and 1930’s witnessed the rise of the great chemical, oil and pharmaceutical cartels. In fact IG Farben was the leading industrial backbone of Nazi Germany! It was a chemical and pharmaceutical combine of massive size. Some of the legal issues from that cartel are still being resolved.. A number of its executives were tried at the Nuremberg Trials.  The current day situation in the USA also has produced a very severe recession in which oil, chemical and pharmaceutical companies are the most prosperous. In fact the profits of the major pharmaceutical companies exceed the profits of the other 390 Dow Jones listed companies.. Many of their products do little to improve health or increase longevity. The recent Provenge atrocity is a great example.


Are we repeating history at least in part in which a massive World War will be needed to “reboot” the world economy as the Obama Adminstration and Congress repeat many of the mistakes of the FDR era and try to emulate socialist approaches which do not work well in other countries. Both the Clinton and Obama health care plans protect the pharmeutical and chemical interests rather than to produce real reform of a very costly and inefficient healthcare system feeding on the idealism of a new generation.


From mind control to liberal social engineering various controls are becoming more powerful, high tech and pervasive. From the cyborg to the modern day social engineering controls, these are ominous changes for New World Order which has the potential to be very onerous and bring about a WW III which will make WW II look small playing off the rising giant of China and a new Russia controlled by organized crime! WW II was a great boom for the global interests! An even more massive WW III would play a major role in bringing a world government!

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