Charles W. Stone

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Provenge Atrocity -- Health-care Reform -- Many more men die every year from end stage Prostate Cancer in the prime of life than from the total in Iraq and Afghanistan every year. The three year delay caused by two blatantly corrupt FDA panelists caused the deaths of approx. 10000 per year for 3 years or 30000 men in the prime of life! That is just one example of what should be reformed in medicine! Yet the media has taken the opposite course esp. The Washington Post! I have a detailed story!
Greatest Financial Crisis of the Century --- the US Govt allowed massive illegal naked stock shorting which helped bring down the stock market in the fall of 2008. Thousands f companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. Trillions of dollars have been lost from the world economy! Michael Milken was the key player along with Ivan Boesky and the Russian Mafia. Bernie Madoff was an associate. The SEC let it all happen! Its staffers have the goal of lucrative Wall Street jobs with many of the corrupt banks, hedge funds et al involved with the illegal activity!
Climate Gate --- Green Cross Intl.--- The Green Cross Intl.(GCI) was an intrusion of "the Global Conspiracy" in the environmental movement. Its founder, Pat McCune, fits the description by the world famous writer Jerry Smith in his book HAARP, for The High Priestess of The New World Order!   GCI is an example of a very good idea being subverted to suit those behind the global warming movement including Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev. Climate Gate is exposing the corruption of this process and much more!
FBI-Justice Dept. Corruption --- The linchpin of the US Federal Govt. is the Justice Dept.. Its best known agency is the FBI. Corruption of those two agencies is esp. serious. A series of cases going back to the 1970's is exposed including the largest Federal case in Michigan history. The well intentioned but vague Sherman Anti-Trust Act is used as the method of controlling the media to prevent examples of questionable Federal Govt. activity from being exposed. At the same time the Justice Dept. overlooks widespread corruption in the media. The corrupt process gets us coming and going!  The Buckley Act has been similarly perverted to help cover-up campus crime. Another good law perverted by a corrupt Federal Government!
Media Corruption --- Corruption of the media is the facilitating factor in government corruption of all types. If the problems are not exposed, nothing happens. An honest media is the lifeblood of an honest government. It is obvious this is not happening! Examples are provided from local newspapers including Michael Moore's home town to the Washington National Press Club to Reuters, the world's largest news service. A formerly respected profession has become very corrupt! This process goes back to the era of the Don Bolles era.
Other Green Or Environmental Scams--- There have been major scams over the past 25-30 years which have been very costly and damaging. One of the best examples is the $3 Trillion asbestos abatement scam robbing large amounts of money that could be better spent. There is no adequate replacement and its removal is a dangerous dirty business with heavy organized crime involvement. To a lesser degree lead paint and other lead remediation programs are partially dishonest. Now that we need a massive effort for mold remediation the money is gone. Who knows how many cases of asthma and other serious illnesses are related to the presence of mold. It is real and serious problem not only linked to the inner city but even the most posh neighborhoods have serious problems.
Hiroshima Revenge Cover up---One of the key causes of the rapid growth in atomic technology throughout the world is the Hiroshima revenge story. Iran has already tested a rocket which could be shot from a freighter for example off the East Coast to cause an electromagnetic pulse which could ruin modern Western civilization esp. the USA. Millions of deaths would result from loss of modern technology! The US Government is not doing enough to stop the process! In fact it has covered-up the WW II efforts of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Those programs were much more advanced than the accepted version of WW II history allows. It also includes the origin of the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs. Both f those have contributed to the Pakistan and Iranian programs and more! So the consequences are very serious. 
Atomic Fallout ---- Not only has the Federal Govt. covered up its role in the WW II atomic story and that of its opponents, there has been a massive and evil cover-up of the effects of fallout from the questionable and disastrous atomic tests of the 1940's, 50's and 60's. At least 250,000 members of the military were exposed for questionable reasons. The fallout was well documented and obvious going back to the 1950's. It has been estimated that its effect was approx. 200 times that of the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine!  Who knows how many cases of thyroid cancer just to mention one example resulted. The original cover-up was carried out by the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at that time, Warren Burger. He of course became the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. His "Minnesota Twin" followed him and died in office from Thyroid cancer. Who knows it real cause?
Kooks, Flunkeys and Half Wits  --- The political process is littered with these types of characters from John Wilkes Booth, the Lincoln assassin to the current crop of bureaucratic hangers-on who claim to be preventing a new Adolph Hitler. However, we know that Hitler was a result of a political process starting with Tavistock and his ancestry as an illegitimate Rothschild to the insane horror of WW I and the onerous conditions imposed on Germany leading to a ruined Weimar Republic and the treatment of a young Hitler by the German police and system which created an insane monster who probably had a version of Parkinson's Disease which caused insanity going back to his 30's! In fact the current crop of flunkey's in government resemble those abuses in Weimar Germany. Of course the country would have been better off had Abraham Lincoln survived and the Radical Republicans had not imposed Reconstruction on the defeated South much like the onerous conditions imposed on Nazi Germany.


For a number of years the US Dept. of Justice and FBI have gone to great lengths to prevent public knowledge of the following story which involves the largest Federal case in Michigan history, a major University, the model FBI Agent and suppression of the criminal abuse involved!

This story begins with the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case which was the largest Federal case in Michigan history. The FBI was led astray by a recently licensed British child psychiatrist, Dr. Derek Harry Miller, who was the well known hatchet man for the Medical School. In addition to being unpleasant Dr. Miller was sadistic and anti-American. In many ways he was a real life Hannibal Lector character.

There were other cases in the same Federal Court involving the same types of abuse. A US Supreme Court test case for the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 the same University and defense attorneys. One was the type which murders use! Dr. Miller had been a key adolescent staff member at Tavistock Institute and Clinic until 1970. Tavistock is well known as a pioneer mind control agency. Related abuses led to MK Ultra and many other abuses in the USA and UK. These are just some of important problems dealing with mind control.

The Medical School Dean responsible for Dr. Miller later became the Chief Medical Director of the VA during the 1980’s. His Office was responsible for atomic veterans, Agent Orange and quality of care. In the late 1980’s there was large-scale destruction of atomic veterans records. This was regarded as the domestic equivalent of the Iran Contra.

A number of VA employees were jailed. An investigative writer working on this project was framed for a vicious murder on the estate of the family which controls the tenth largest foundation in the country. This was based on a profile by John Douglas who helped inspire the famous book and movie “Silence of the Lambs”. His book Mind Hunter was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. He has been held up as the ideal FBI Agent by FBI Director Louis Freeh, a former Federal Appeals Judge.

Both the FBI and Justice Dept. have gone to great lengths to prevent access to the key documents in these cases. Probable destruction of records has occurred. This high level fraud involving a major University and the Justice Dept. is indicative of serious criminal activity in Washington.  It is ironic the investigative writer was trying to clear the FBI in an international embarrassment.  The mad British psychiatrist responsible was a real life Hannibal Lector closely associated with the pioneer mind control agency, Tavistock Clinic and Institute. I have interviewed FBI Director personally about this series of fraudulent cases. It is not known if my FAX ever reached him.

The second case was proven to be a fraud based on exact crime scene and DNA evidence. Local newspapers in Michigan have contributed to the fraud by failing to publish the truth. This includes a former President of The National Press Club in Washington, DC. The Medical School in question is also the Home of Dr. James Neel who is reported to have been a key player with associates in the largest fraud in the history of anthropology. Dr. Neel was also the key player in the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC).

All radiation standards worldwide are based on the ABCC studies. A key microbiologist from the same Medical School has played a key role in discrediting Dr. Garth Nicholson and his findings related to the cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Dr. Nicholson is most published microbiologist in the world and deserves a Nobel Prize for his Gulf War Syndrome work. These are some of the dirtiest and biggest cover-ups in US Government history. These stories raise serious questions about the integrity of the US Government and media.

What's New with My Subject?


Perhaps this century will be known for its government-mandated loss of civil liberties, totalitarian regimes, genocide and technological developments!! Perhaps the most easily avoided are the real problems with due process of law especially in those areas in which government was made to protect those without power!! Yet time after time our government has protected the rights of the abusers over the abused!! This is true in the case students and veterans. Let me just confine this to accountability, fairness and constitutionality in education!! Its like Chevrolet, Mom and Apple Pie!! Nothing could more symbolic at least of what America is really about!

Due process is one of the most important legacies of the countless sacrifices, which American military personnel have made since the start of this nation. In the early 1970's problems of arbitrary and capricious school dismissals became apparent. Responding to this need then Senator James Buckley sponsored the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. To obtain passage of the needed legislation it was cleverly managed. Much of the credit should go to Senator Buckley's aide at that time John Kwapicz!! However, the Act had one weakness, its method of enforcement.  Student loan funding would be withheld from guilty institutions. Even at that time student loan funding was a key ingredient in the academic system.

The Barons of Academe were alarmed mightily and struck back in many ways! First, legislation was introduced to trim to perceived excesses. Then the Imperial Bureaucrats in Washington really got to work hamstringing a good law. By the time all of this was finished murders had more rights than graduate and professional students. The first test case, Horowitz, 1978, was so heavily camouflaged by the US Supreme Court that most Americans couldn't understand its significance or meaning!

In a second US Supreme Court test case, Ewing, 1986, a university with one of the top law and medical schools was allowed to use the type of attorney which murders use. In fact universities have actually used the privacy part of the Act to cover-up campus murders. The US Dept. of Education has refused to act. The Members of Congress with investigative authority have refused to act. Both of these Congressmen were from the same state which allows its top university to be represented by the types of attorneys which murders get!! The new Congress elected in 1994 did not act!!

Again the key factor is lack of control of poorly run bureaucracies in academia, Washington and elsewhere!! The higher education sector is very powerful in terms of money and influence!! Money Magazine and many others in the media starting with Ellen Goodman of The Boston Globe have recognized the sacrifice of the student. Yet the madness goes on!! Few other cases illustrate as well how poorly our legal system works!! Let me show you in detail how this has been accomplished and why it is important to all of us!!

The US Department of Education has used the Privacy Part of the Buckley Act to let Universities cover-up campus crime up to and including murder. In fact a major university used the type of attorney which murders use in a US Supreme Court test case. In my opinion this is a great example of how a good law has been perverted by the US Government. All three members of the US House of Representatives when the Democrats were in control were from the same state as this University.

Let me can recommend Prof Scam by Charles J. Sykes which goes into some depth about academia and its pitfalls. In addition I have produced a detailed summary of this important but poorly understood topic.



Perhaps the most bizarre legacy of WW II is the huge amount of gold and other valuables looted from East Asia by the Imperial Japanese Forces before, during and after WW II. The best known part of this horde is called Yamashita's Gold after General Yamashita, the last Imperial Army Commander in the Phillipines. Just that part of the loot  discovered by Marcos et al is believed to range from $100 billion to $1 trillion in value and is mostly gold bullion. This does not include the huge amount of jewels, platinum, industrial diamonds and more looted from or produced in East Asia. 

The story of Yamashita's gold was popularized by Sterling Seagrave in his book, The Marcos Dynasty. A small fraction of the gold formed part of the basis for former President Marcos huge wealth. It has been reported by the engineer who located the gold for Marcos that the actual amount of gold bullion alone looted from East Asia is far in excess of 100,000 tons. This amount of gold was accumulated out of circulation over 5,000 years and a century of opium wars. Obviously it by far and away the largest treasure in history. The recent book “The Yamoto Dynasty” also by Sterling Seagrave adds more evidence.

Less well known is the role of Japan's last post WW II behind the scenes power broker and godfather of Japanese politics, Kodama Yoshio, in the looting. In his role as Chief of Imperial Japanese procurement in Shanghai he was also in charge of the "Black Gold" acquisition.. This meant all of the gold out of circulation for centuries ranging from Crown Jewels to gold Buddhas to the life savings of a family buried in their backyard.

In addition to those "duties" Kodama also helped fund the Kempetei or secret police, reportedly ran a huge spy ring, was involved in the tungsten and opium trade and even had his own organization , Kodama Kikan or Agency for supplying materials to the Japanese military during WW II. Sterling Seagraves maintains that Kodama actually ran the entire looting operation for East Asia.  He maintains the treasure should be called Kodama's gold!

A small part of  Yamashita's Gold was recovered by right wing Americans and Marcos in a very challenging effort to locate the sites and to recover the  booby-trapped .gold. POW  leg and arm bones were used as markers for some of the sites. It is believed that thousands of POW's, civilians and Japanese military personnel were sacrificed in the collection, transport and burial of the loot. The laundered gold was enough to cause fluctuations in the world price! Who knows how many billionaires were created!!  It is interesting to consider whether the whole story helped inspire the Ian Fleming film, Goldfinger, the classic 1970's spy thriller. Ian Fleming of course was a member of British intelligence during WW II serving in Southern Spain and other locations.

In addition to his other duties during WW II Kodama ran several tungsten operations in China, Japan and Korea. It is believed that the thorium derived from Monazite ore, a rich source of Tungsten, was used in Japan's desperate effort at the end of WW II to produce an atomic bomb using U 233 as the fissile isotope. It is believed that Kodama, the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Noguchi interests teamed up in a last ditch effort in Konan or Hungnam Korea. Kodama also supplied uranium oxide and possibly metallic uranium to the Navy program. Large payments were made at the end of WW II by the Navy to unknown persons probably Kodama.

The atomic and rocket cooperation between Germany and Japan is another poorly known but important aspect of WW II. Unknown amounts of the looted gold from East Asia were used to pay for atomic related materials, war supplies and hardware transported by submarine from Europe to Japan in the last years of WW II. The trade was substantial for that period of time at approx. 2000 tons/month.

In addition, Japan made an effort to obtain industrial diamonds for its industry. There may also have been an industrial diamond  production operation at Konan run by the same scientist, Tamura, who reportedly was the manager of the secret atomic plant. Two truckloads of industrial diamonds and platinum were used to found the Liberal Party which later merged to become the Liberal Democratic Party in 1955.

In summary the Japanese gold and atomic programs were linked to Germany. This gold was used to pay for the atomic materials and  much more which contributed to the Japanese program. There were a number of similarities between the German and Japanese atomic programs. We do know the full exchange of information and technology or materials. But gold played a central role in the process.



We are all aware of the recent news stories about the hundreds of millions of dollars looted from people of Jewish heritage in Europe during the 1930's and 40's. The recent revelations of the sheltering of this money by Swiss bankers and much more. In our research we have found a similar situation regarding Japanese Black Gold and the German and Japanese rocket and atomic cooperation.

The SS General who commanded the actual SS Batteries which launched the V2 rockets operationally during WW II also built both Auschwitz and Nordhausen. Auschwitz is of course the most notorious of the extermination camps in Europe. Nordhausen was built at great cost in life by slave laborers. Many more were sadistically killed in the V2 rocket assembly operations at the end of WW II. Nordhausen was a major target of US and Allied intelligence after being overrun.

General Kammler himself was a major intelligence target and disappeared in May 1945. He is reported to have been associated on a highly secret and advanced project at the Skoda Works in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. It is not known exactly what this project may have been. General Kammler may have escaped to South America or other destinations.

In addition in my research I have found an important but forgotten episode of WW II. Not only did atomic and rocket cooperation occur, but a concentration camp doctor with a history of sadistic activity was sent to Shanghai in 1940 or 41 probably by submarine to help establish similar concentration camps in the Far East according to a 1945 Russian newspaper published there. After the German defeat at Stalingrad Imperial Japan decided not to attack the Soviet Union (a wise decision)!

The German concentration camp doctor had his own pathology institute attached to a German hospital in Shanghai and openly bragged about his experimentation and sadistic activity in Europe. There was much intelligence intrigue associated with the hospital. In addition two major drug operations were based there.

There was a wartime arrest of drug distribution ring associated with this hospital by the FBI in the USA. Several principals were poisoned etc. The German doctor was arrested as a war criminal after WW II and brought back to be tried at Dachau. The key records may require a major effort to locate. However, it appears that almost all of the early victims had died so there was not enough evidence to successfully prosecute him. By 1949 he was free again and practicing in a German clinic. By 1956 he was considering work at a medical school in Malaya. I was able to find a significant amount of information about him and his activities. However, it is another very interesting example of the tragedy of WW II.

I have also put together a report on the aspect of my story. I am actively seeking individuals and groups interested in pursuing this aspect of the Holocaust involving a major Holocaust figure, SS Major General Hans Kammler and an early effort to bring the European style concentration camp to the Far East. I believe this to be a significant story about WW II with many ramifications to the present day.